Thursday, May 8, 2008

save them Its our Last Chance!

Dear Fellow nature Lover
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This one is for everyone ,who love nature from the bottoms of their heart . Please know that TATA 's are building a port at Dhamra few kilo meters away from the nesting site of Olive Ridley Turtles. This largest port of South East Asia will completely jeopardise their habitat. The dredging and water ways along with ships will destroy the tranquility of the site.
We are again on the verge of eradicating one entire specie for economic development.
Requests were made to shift the port but as it wont be economically feasable it was denied. Somehow we all fail to argue when it comes to our development . But the port remains near a fragile and critically endangered nesting ground.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sleepy Conscience!!!!!

Dear All
The human civilization since its birth has had a desire to inherit his land,his forest,his part of the river,his Planet....
The desire to acquire is easy enough but the responsibilities are long forgotten. The requirement of indutries ,agriculture has made the planet sink in its own tears.
And long as there is economic development we let it mourn in pain and probably wait for death which is still a few hundred years away.Strange but economy does always and manages to explains everything.
But the cost of environmental damage is rarely calculated.
Somehow we dont 't feel close to nature anymore.And hence it has become easy to accept development at the cost of environment.
The blue oceans the green valleys all seem to be a distant dream now. And many voices and growls from forests have also disappeared .
Nobody thought before the Dhamra port was planned to be built its eccological impact. Now we are again aready to sacrifice a few more lives in the name of development. As those are turtles on stake. No big deal. they dont mean anything to us.
Unfortunately the significance of these turtle were also not taken into account . It is beleived that the port will help turtles. How ,we dont know? I guess,Economy and money will however exlain that as well.
For those who still feel close to there roots,please visit missoliveriddley on blogger and to save them from dying.
Regards Jayesh

Friday, May 2, 2008


When was the last time our eyes were gazing the night sky counting the countless stars imagning how infinite is our galaxy. When was the last time you saved an innocent life ? When was the last time you saw an animal in the wild? When was the last time when you saw an animal at all ? When was the last time you turned your head and saw anything- just anything- that was natural, pure and not tarnished by man?
I remember my last sky was too hazy with smog and humidity of an overcrowded city. So, the pollution and technology have also taken the stars away from our lives and increased the ditance by a few more light years. Who cares about the stars anyway? If they bother call an astrologer he will fix it with a few stones.
The smog covering the sky will be there as we have got use to breathing toxins .Wow! Some mutation knocking the door at the right time when pure oxygen is a bliss.I wonder how my children would look like, like humans or something else?
After marking the conquest on the land we are marching towards the water,skies. It ours! Afterall we are the once giving space to other species. Offcourse very little of which is required,as we have reduced there number for the greed of land,money and what not.
The fear has gone out of our lives. Wind ,water ,air we fear nothing,conquer everything. We control the waters with dams ,ports.
Recently heard a couple of Olive Ridley Turtles are coming on the way of development,the way of Dhamra port.Its no problem ,we will eradicate them from our ways like we do.
Its called anti development and people fighting to save turtles some freaks who could nt do anything else in life. Money is the most convieniently learned language. So there s never a tough decision between money and environment. The latter looses.
Olive Ridley means nothing to us after all and giants like TATA's .They will enjoy there share and live happily ever after. Let Turtles go to hell.
Shamefull of the above is that few biologist think ports can work in perfect harmony with turtles fragile nesting habits.Forget being an expert I guess there minds have also lost common sense. Happens when you barter conscience for money.
So ,I dont know these turtles will survive or not. I will try to do my best. This to all who care about them and realize a environmentally sound organization like TATA 's is probably making the biggest blunder in the name of development.
People who dont understand or have forgotten there debt on nature might again think its anti development . But in history differance has always been made by those who had a vision to understand a few things beyond money.
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Regards Jayesh

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear All

I would like to bring to notice an issue which has been ignored for some time. Please visit my blog at IBIBO Save the Seas” Olive ridleys. Please do post your comments and write about it n your blog, so that the issue reaches out to a wider audience, garnering more support. The TATA’s are building a port at Dhamra which will be the largest and the deepest one to be ever built in South Asia. It might promise economic prosperity but the ecological impacts that it will have will eradicate Olive Ridley turtles from face of this planet. These turtles congregate every year on the beaches of Orissa for a mass nesting. The hatchlings return to the same shores to hatch years later to lay eggs. This phenomenon of nature has kept many researchers perplexed till today. Like any other Indian, none of our lives have been left untouched by the TATA name and products. We respect their social record and concern for the environment which has been an integral part of the TATA legacy. And that is why we believe that the Dhamra project is not in keeping with the spirit of the TATA legacy. We are not attacking the TATA’s; we are simply asking them to continue to uphold the social record that they are so proud of. We have a right to do so as consumers of TATA products and as people who believe that profits should not be placed before environment. We expect nothing less from them.Orissa is a state with a rich biodiversity and rich mineral deposits and a growing list of national and international investments, including steel mines and ports. It is more important than ever before that we take great care of the rich and unique biodiversity that Orissa possesses. Development that enriches society in the long term and does not jeopardize ecological sustainability must be our goal. There are alternatives to the Dhamra port site, and the legitimate needs of the state can be met from existing and other planned ports. There is thus no need for a port in this environmentally critical location.
TATA Steel has chosen to interpret the Precautionary Principle to suit their own convenience. Precaution would necessitate NOT building a port in this critical location, rather than seeking to minimize damage while the port is being built and operated. By touting the IUCN mitigation plan as evidence that they are abiding by the Precautionary Principle, it is clear that TATA is selectively choosing to what degree it abides by the principle of precaution.

The question remains for how many years nature will pay the cost of human development. From Cheetahs to tigers, Asiatic lions, bustards, vultures and many more. They all suffer from one condition human greed and habitat destruction. Does our future lie in a barren lifeless planet, where there are no birds singing the morning, no whales and turtles diving in the sea and no tigers growling in the jungles?
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Regards Jayesh Pillai